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Frequently Asked Questions


We normally send a mail within a day to confirm details and send if it is payment details (if on the weekend we will do it on Monday). Once payment is made we take an average of 5 days to manufacture and two days from when we send it to when you receive it. This timing may vary depending on the products in the order (for example made with festoon or fillings we may take a day or so more).

At present we are in the first stage of the online shop and we are still completing the optimisation of the route-map of the order. For the moment we have begun by transfer but we will shortly offer the option of credit card payment and Paypal. We are not considering COD since it is a customised item that we cannot use again. We understand that there may be apprehension with an innovative model, which is why we are at your disposition by phone and in our social media on Facebook and Instagram:

We suggest you always check the measurements before confirming the order but this may happen. In this case if you realise before sending it we can correct it free of charge. In the case that you realise once you have it at home, we can fix it for a cost of €15, basically for the additional transport costs and the corresponding repair.

If we have made a mistake, we will collect the item from your home and return it to you as soon as possible with the correct measurement. Remember that in the measurements there may be a 4-5% difference relating to the shrinkage and folding of the material (values that we have tested in the quality department, values that are never completely exact since it will depend on the temperature, washing times, alkalinity of the water… although in 99% of cases by following the washing recommendations the standard values will be these).

Of course not. The suggestions are calculated based on the Spanish standards of hang for sheets and duvets, calculated with a standard bed base. Obviously, if you select our option it will be because you want a size suitable for your bed, we give you some examples to take into account:
*If you have a very high bed base and you want it to almost reach the floor, to define the width you will have to add the width of the mattress plus twice the height from the floor to the top of the mattress.
*If you have a bunk bed or caravan bed perhaps you do not want it to hang so much on one side (for example if there is a wall) and you want to make it a little shorter.
*If there are 2 beds joined you probably don’t want it to be so wide.
*With the duvet cover if you want to tuck it into the mattress you can order it longer, or if you want it only to be the size of the duvet you will order the shorter size (northern European style).

This question has more than one answer, depending on the expectations you have of the product.
100% cotton, on being all natural fibre, is more sustainable, and has no reaction to sensitive skins. It has a sensation of more freshness but in general, creases more than the mixture and as a general rule the price is higher.

The size of the duvet cover will depend on how much you want it to hang from the bed and how far from the floor you want it... for standard sizes calculate around 40 cm per side which should be added to the width of the mattress. However, this is more in the tradition of Mediterranean countries; in the northern European and Nordic countries the tradition is that the duvet does not hang so much. If you already have the duvet, the size you will have to put is 10 cm more than the duvet to make it easy to place. Additionally, if you have the duvet cover and you want the duvet, you will have to order 10 cm less of the width you already have.

Anything is possible... but, as the majority of fabrics are 280 to 300 cm in width, any size higher would mean adding, which would make the process more costly and there would always be a visible join that cuts the sheet. Also, note that the children’s illustrations in cotton are fabrics of 160 cm so we suggest they are for beds no wider than 90 cm, otherwise we would have to add.

We always make pillowcases 4-5 cm wider than the pillow so that it can be easily placed (some pillows are very thick, so if this is the case order 3-4 cm wider. For open pillowcase sizes, we usually calculate 10 cm more than the pillow.

Yes, on the condition you send us a pattern (sketch) with all the necessary measurements. There will be some items that the shape of the upper part does not necessarily have to correspond exactly to the size of the mattress. This variable has adjustable lower sheets more in mind.