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* With our product being exclusive and made-to-measure, our manufacturing times are between 7 and 10 days in 90% of production.
* You should be aware that the colours of the digital systems and the calibrations of the screens may alter the final colours of the product. We would ask for your understanding on this question.

Mascarillas R2 (2 unidades)

Mascara facial 5 capas R22

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Máscara facial 5 capas 2 unidades

Homlogacion R2  (equivalente al las epi FFP3 tejido, FFP2 estructura)

2 capas poliuretanao hidrófobo spunbond 40gr/m2  2 capas 80%poliester/20%viscosa

1 capa poliuretano hidrófobo spundbond 20gr/m2

reutilizable /lavable a 60º (segun UN0065)  aguanta 5/6 lavadas

Certificado por Aitex/Cotopur.