Configure your bedding tailored to your mattress!


* With our product being exclusive and made-to-measure, our manufacturing times are between 7 and 10 days in 90% of production.
* You should be aware that the colours of the digital systems and the calibrations of the screens may alter the final colours of the product. We would ask for your understanding on this question.

Hygienic facial mask

100% cotton hygienic mask (2 units):

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Hygienic facial mask (2 units):

100% cotton double layer T300.

Elastic rubber bands. (Possibility to do with bias).

Adult measurements: 20 x 20 cm (19 x 8.5 cm).
Children's measurements: 15 x 15 cm (14.5 x 6.50 cm).


Reusable. Wash at 60º / 90º.

85% Cert / Aitex protection.
cotton 100% Juvenil print/adult print

bed Linen  cotton 100% 144 thread

soft touch.  

wash 30ºC

dryer an iron permitted.

Product can shrink 4/5% firts wahs

it is recommended wahs before using

Cotton 100% Dyed

bed Linen cotton 100% dyed 200 thread

soft touch.  

white wash 90º permitted. Colors 30º

dryer an iron permitted.

product can shrink 4/5% in firts wash.

it is recommended wash before using.